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Gould Alarm Communications will design, install and maintain all levels of intruder alarm systems based on your business requirements and the size of the premise. We understand the challenges faced when protecting your business from unauthorized access and guarantee to find the ideal blend of equipment to ensure that your business remains secure. All the systems we install will be monitored from our professional and advanced central station.


Gould Alarm Communications designs, installs and maintains fire alarm systems with safety and business continuity in mind as well as all national and local fire codes. Early detection of fire is key to the success of any fire alarm system. In the event of a genuine emergency, our central station will immediately notify both the fire service and your appointed personnel to maximize the chance of protecting lives and assets.


Gould Alarm Communication’s Total Connect allows you to remotely connect to your alarm panel and perform a variety of alarm functions from arming and disarming your system to remotely granting employee access to a restricted area. Plus, receive instant notifications, via text message or email of alarm events, such as when a restricted area is accessed. The optional video feature lets you view live or recorded activity occurring in or around your business. Log in and monitor your facility, employees and more at anytime and from anywhere.


Gould Alarm Communications installs the most advanced video systems that include security cameras, recorders and monitors based on your premises and requirements. Live and recorded video can be sent over network systems to notify persons at other locations of events that may occur, allowing them to respond appropriately. With the use of DVRs or Network Video Recorders (NVRs), an event can be reviewed later or used as evidence.


Whether you have one door or 1,000 doors at 100 different locations throughout the country Gould Alarm Communications can design an access control system as stand alone or integrated network system. Depending on the level of security required we can design and supply systems that can control entry and exit through options such as Pin Code, Key Fob, Swipe Cards, Biometrics or a combination. Our access control systems are scalable and can integrate with your intrusion system.


Our dispatchers monitor your security and life safety system 24/7 at our state-of-the-art, central station. It has both local and redundant operation in the event of power failure, network outage, and/or a major catastrophe. When your system senses an alarm condition, a signal is delivered to our central station in a matter of seconds. We quickly validate alarm signals before dispatching the appropriate authorities.

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